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HElen Baker

Hello! I am Helen. I am founder and owner of Muddy Buddies – Cotswold Dog Training & Care.

Loving this dog life since 2013 when I started MB as a dog walking company, I now have many years under my belt. 

I was always keen to do more than the average dog walk and endeavoured to train my client dogs on the way. 

Now I am a full time dog trainer, I strive to create a harmonious relationship between pup and human.

Saving owners from meltdowns, I teach you to think ‘more dog’. A counsellor of sorts, if you will 😉

Arabella Ward

Meet Arabella! 

Arabella has been on the team since 2018 and is well versed in what Muddy Buddies throws up, figuratively and literally on occasion.... 

She thrives in the great outdoors with the hounds and loves discovering new places for them all to explore. 

Never one to shy away from challenge, Arabella may get knee deep in mud after climbing the steepest hills but she will always have a smile on her face and the pups love her for her spirit! 



Meet Katie!

Katie has always had a huge interest in animals and their behaviour which led her to study Animal Behaviour and Welfare at University. Since graduating, she has volunteered and worked in many animal roles with both domestic and wild animals before moving on to a career in rescue. She spent 4 years training rescue dogs and working with cats and small animals and is now doing dog walks and training. You can be assured your dog has an amazing time with Katie as she loves to get their brains and their noses working on walks, as well as ensuring they have lots of fun!



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