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we have joined forces with joyful dogs, our sister company.

A 4 woman powerhouse of ethical expertise to guide you through challenges with your dog and create the strongest relationship you can get. We have the best part of 40 years animal industry experience between us so you know you are in good hands.

Our ethos

We are firm believers that positive reinforcement gets results. That is, we do not punish or use aversives (such as Ecollars) on your dog. We focus on what we do want the dog to do, in order to avoid behaviours we do not want. We reward the behaviours we want from our dogs and set them up so they are more likely to choose these behaviours over ones we find challenging. 

Kathy Sdao (Dog Training Guru) cites a lovely example of how her friend each morning lays out two outfits on her daughters bed, then asks her which one she’d like to wear to Nursery that day.  The daughter chooses between acceptable options rather than unacceptable ones.  It’s the same with your dog.


Training your dog can be a lonely place sometimes but we are happy to be your support every step of the way. Our dogs are complex individuals and as such, we think, deserve commitment from us. We do not offer quick fixes or ill-informed promises. We take time to listen to your concerns and observe your dog’s behaviour so we can come up with a plan together to make your relationship a harmonious one.