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Our 'Wilderness Walk' is a premium service that will not only physically tire your dog out but mentally challenge them too.



You're one step closer to a Wilderness Walk!

Does your dog need something different to the usual dog walker?

Our enrichment walks are designed to keep your dog happy, healthy, and engaged.

We work in small groups of up to four dogs, with games and activities tailored to your pup’s preferences to keep them mentally stimulated. Whether your dog loves sniffing out new scents, exploring novel terrain or enjoys a game, we'll ensure they are happy and content.


We aim to deliver them home to you in a calm and relaxed state so you can get on with your day without a worry.

Our Catchment Area

9am walks with Sophie - Pick ups from Cleeve, Gotherington, Woodmancote and Southam. 

11am & 1pm walks with any member of the team - Pick ups from Cheltenham area inc Prestbury, Pittville, Battledown, Charlton Kings, Ham, Leckhampton, Tivoli, Cheltenham town centre and all in between! 

What makes us different?

This is not just dog walking to us. This is our opportunity to help you as a dog owner to have a happy life with your pup.

We see it as our responsibility to encourage the behaviours we do want, not to punish the behaviours we don't want. We do this through fun, positive play. All our methods are force free. For us, training isn't just a one off. It is done consistently every day alongside you, your dog's guardian. 

We are not a replacement for training but we can certainly help in areas you are struggling with. 

If you have a specific problem you need help with, call us. We can work out a plan so we are all singing from the same hymn sheet and enlist the help of a trainer/behaviourist if necessary. Two members of the team are trainers with Joyful Dogs (Click for details).

We explore the beautiful Cotswold countryside for our daily hikes. We love our trail walks and carefully find different terrains to suit different groups - scent filled woods, challenging hill walks or the freedom an open field offers. 

We take only 4 client dogs (sometimes joined our resident dogs) on each Wilderness Walk. The team have a wonderful Pied Piper effect on our pack through consistently teaching them using positive reinforcement methods. The pack soon know they are the 'fun activities coordinator' and 'deliverer of the best rewards in town', and therefore stick to them like glue. 

You will have a meet and greet session before your dog's first Wilderness Walk when you can tell us all about your best buddy - the more information the better! We want to know what makes her tick, what really motivates her. Whether it be a tennis ball, some cheese or a tickle behind the ears - that will be the thing we concentrate on to gain her focus and create a special bond with her.


Your dog is required to join us on a trial walk prior to officially joining the Muddy Buddies crew.

S/he is also required to come out at least once a week to maintain the continuous work we put into each dog. 

£16 per hour long walk. 

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