Mary seems to be really coming out of her shell and we love the pictures and updates that Bella sends after each walk.  We were a little bit nervous to begin with leaving Mary with another person as she is still nervous around new people - something that we are continuing to work on.  Bella recognised this straight away and has been so understanding and patient with her.  We couldn’t ask for anyone better for Mary to spend time with and its very reassuring to know that if we were to go away again without her, Mary will be very happy with Bella and Bear.

We love the walks that they go on and have even copied a few of the routes ourselves!  Some walkers simply take the dogs for a walk and whilst this “does the job” its nice to hear that Bella takes that step further by playing games with them and making it a more entertaining experience for them.  In addition to all of this, Bella provides such a personal service and I feel like I have known her for years although its only been a couple of months.  I honestly have nothing negative to say at all!             From Jess, Mary's human. 


Our 'Wilderness Walk' is a premium service that will not only physically tire your dog out but mentally challenge them too.


What makes us different?

This is not just dog walking to us. This is our opportunity to help you as a dog owner to have a happy life with your pup.

From the moment they are picked up, we train your dog. 

Does your dog rush out of the door, yanking you through behind them? We employ a simple training technique to encourage him/her to wait calmly.

Does your dog drag you to your car? We practice loose leash training between your door and our van plus whilst we are on walks. 

Is your dog nervous of getting in cars? We take time to sit and encourage your dog into our van before we have even begun walking him/her. 

Can your dog cope in a small group of dogs? We take time to assess your dog through your Meet & Greet and her/his trial walk to place them with compatible dogs in a group of just four (sometimes joined by our resident dogs) or recommend one to one walks if this is better for the welfare of your dog. 

Does s/he come when called? We always play recall games on every walk. We have 10m long biothane lines to keep your dog safe if s/he has iffy recall. We recommend THIS ONE 

What does your dog love? Food, a tennis ball, a scritch behind the ear? We use this to build a bond with your dog and use their 'loves' as part of their training.

What is your dog uncomfortable with or scared of? Touch? Cars? Joggers? We get to know your dog inside out so we can avoid stressors or pre-empt their reaction in various situations and seek alternative behaviours keeping your dog's stress levels low. 

Does your dog hate coming back on lead? To some dogs the lead means the end of the walk or being told off. We desensitise your dog to the lead so they no longer avoid it and we certainly do not tell them off. They learn the lead and us means fun and rewards. 


We see it as our responsibility to encourage the behaviours we do want, not to punish the behaviours we don't want. We do this through fun, positive play. All our methods are force free. For us, training isn't just a one off. It is done consistently every day. 

If you have a specific problem you need help with, call us. We can work out a plan so we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. 

We explore the beautiful Cotswold countryside for our daily hikes. We love our trail walks and carefully find different terrains to suit different groups - scent filled woods, challenging hill walks or the freedom an open field offers. 

Arabella takes only 4 client dogs  (sometimes joined by her lovely lab) on each Wilderness Walk. She has a wonderful Pied Piper effect on our pack through consistently teaching them using positive reinforcement methods. The pack soon know she is 'fun activities coordinator' and 'deliverer of the best rewards in town', and therefore stick to her like glue. 

You will have a meet and greet session before your dog's first Wilderness Walk when you can tell us all about your best buddy - the more information the better! We want to know what makes her tick, what really motivates her. Whether it be a tennis ball, some cheese or a tickle behind the ears - that will be the thing we concentrate on to gain her focus and create a special bond with her.


Your dog is required to join us on a trial walk prior to officially joining the Muddy Buddies crew.

S/he is also required to come out at least once a week to maintain the continuous work we put into each dog. 

Wilderness Walk 

One hour of good paced fun for your pooch to keep them happy and healthy! 


Rest assured, after his mucky adventure, your hound will return rinsed down as standard so don't worry about your carpets!

You're one step closer to a Wilderness Walk!