Is your dog bursting with energy rather than sleeping contentedly

by your feet at the end of the day?

Are you worried and embarrassed when he disappears after other dogs in the park?

Or is he destructive at home, costing you a fortune?

You need more than the average dog walker!

Our 'Wilderness Walk' is a premium service that will not only physically tire your dog out but mentally challenge them too.


Play is central to our philosophy when taking care of your dog. We don't just let them loose to mess about with one another, we engage with each individual within the pack - so they play alongside each other, rather than with each other.  Ultimately, this means when you walk your dog, he won't disappear over the field the second he sees another canine companion. He sees his human as his play partner - aka best thing ever!

We explore the beautiful Cotswold countryside for our daily hikes. We love our trail walks and carefully find different terrains to suit different groups - scent filled woods, challenging hill walks or the freedom an open field offers. 

Our Wilderness Walks take 4 client dogs per handler (sometimes joined by our lovely resident dogs). 

You will have a meet and greet session before your dog's first Wilderness Walk when you can tell us all about your best buddy - the more information the better! We want to know what makes her tick, what really motivates her. Whether it be a tennis ball, some cheese or a tickle behind the ears - that will be the thing we concentrate on to gain her focus and create a special bond with her.

You will receive a welcome pack at your meet and greet which includes information on our services,

dog friendly places and walks in the Cotswolds, a dog tag with our details on and a natural treat pouch for your dog! 

Your dog is required to join us on a trial walk prior to officially joining the Muddy Buddies crew.

She is also required to come out at least once a fortnight to maintain the continuous work we put into each dog. 

Wilderness Walk 

One hour of good paced fun for your pooch to keep him happy and healthy! We employ engaging games such as 'seeky seeky' and 'chase me' to challenge their sniffing and recall skills.


Endurance Wilderness Walk

Is your dog is relentlessly restless in the evenings? This walk is for you!
Our gold standard Endurance Wilderness Walk is 90 minutes of fun filled action for your high energy pooch! We find out what your dog loves to ensure his undeniable attention whilst we cross diverse terrains and partake in various activities to engage his brain AND his paws. 

We carry out a 5 point health check on every walk to ensure he comes home safe and well.

You will receive a monthly report card including his own personalised 'Play and Train' programme and happiness score.


Rest assured, after his mucky adventure, your hound will return rinsed down as standard so don't worry about your carpets!

But why not add a luxurious Wild Wash to the walk so your dog comes home gleaming and smelling scrumptious! See the premium range of natural, world renowned shampoos we use HERE!

You're one step closer to a Wilderness Walk!