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are you confused about how to choose between the reams of dog walkers out there?


here's how to sort the wheat from the chaff in the unknown field of dog walkers...

(see what i did there?) 

We get it. There are so many of us now - but here are our three top tips for finding the best walker for your best buddy.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Ask your walker what are they going to do with your dog? Might sound strange but it is crucial!

  • What they do on their walks will ultimately change your dog's behaviour. Do they let him rough house with other dogs and do whatever they want?

         If your walker allows just any behaviour, your dog is sure to behave like this when he is with you as he will see it as the most fun available.  

         It's embarrassing when your dog is overly enthusiastic to meet their, sometimes, fearful or aggressive counterparts (believe me, I know!). Instead, you want           him to listen to you rather than put themselves in danger or intimidate others. 

         If your walker has you and your dog's interests at heart, they will have control of the group in a fun and entertaining way which leads the dog to learn that               his human is the best thing ever! As a result, he will focus on you rather than other people, dogs or wildlife - bingo!

  •  Are they fully insured? All responsible, professional dog walkers will have comprehensive insurance which covers public liability, injury and transportation of your dog. This should be specific to pet services, not a generic public liability insurance. If they have staff, they should also come under their company policy. This policy will also dictate how many dogs that person can walk at one time. 

  •   Are they canine first aid trained? This is essential should they be faced with an emergency. You want your walker to deal with this situation calmly and correctly. Do they know the most effective procedure for heat stroke? What will they do with an adder bite? 

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