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Are you worried about leaving your pooch whilst you go on your holiday?

Think he will be super stressed, piled in with a load of dogs he doesn't know?


With a maximum of two boarding dogs at a time, we integrate your dog into his temporary home with ease, taking it at his pace. 

We know the tell-tale body language of a worried pooch and can read our introduction session like a book. 

Prior to his holiday, you both will come round to Muddy Buddies HQ so you can see where your best buddy will be sleeping over, he can meet our resident mutts, Quinn and Bella, and you can tell us all about him - the more information the better! 

Before your dog comes to stay for a long period, he must have a trial night to ensure he fits in well and settles overnight. We also require that he comes out on at least one trial Wilderness Walk prior to his sleepover.

Foraging garden you say? Yes, having taken inspiration from Mother Nature we can see how she can benefit your dog. But no, you don't have to be a hippy to hang out here! Dogs are intuitive animals and self select the herbs they need by either eating them or simply taking a sniff. Think how relaxed you are after smelling lavender! Watch your dog next time he eats grass - he is very specific about the type of grass, it is always quite wide and course which aids digestion, not your average lawn grass!

We have a selection of herbs in our large garden. It is also a bit wild in parts which makes it perfect to play find it games and he can sniff out what wildlife frequented it last night. 

Would you like your dog to return better behaved when you get home?


As on our Wilderness Walks, we think carefully about how to bond with your dog and engage him in positive play and training. You will have told us what makes your dog tick at our meet and greet - we use this to exercise his brain as well as his body, but also to shape his behaviour into focusing on us -

the crux of good behaviour.



He will be pooped each evening when he can snuggle up on the sofa with us (if you allow it at home of course) and get as much love as our own dogs...

and they get a lot!

Upon return from your holiday, your dog will come home freshly bathed with clean bedding, as standard.

You will have enough washing of your own to do!

£33 per part or full day.

Thanks! Message sent.

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